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Welcome to Jo Reneé's Art Studio!  Let me introduce myself,


I'm Jo Renee, and I love to paint!  I've always loved to draw and work on all sorts of craft projects through the years, but my love for painting began about 8 years ago. Just for something different to do, I talked my mom into joining me for an acrylic paint class at a local craft store. After several classes, it was not her thing, but I fell in love with painting.   



I am especially inspired by the nature.  Nothing relaxes or soothes my soul than the beauty of our natural world.  The majority of my works reflect landscapes, seascapes, flora, and animals.  Lately I have also been exploring colors and textures in acrylic and mixed media.

As a trained Registered Nurse, I am especially interested in how viewing and creating art can help heal the mind, body and spirit.  Studies have shown that just viewing art can reduce stress, increase self-reflection, normalizes heart rate, blood pressure, and even cortisol levels (cortisol increases during times of stress). 

  • Member of the Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts League

  • Certified in Foundations of Art Ministry

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