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Why Age is No Limit to Being Creative: A Personal Story

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

“It will be fun!” I told my 80 year old mother as I saw an ad at our local craft store for an acrylic painting class. I had always been “artsy,” loving to create all sorts of things, but I had never painted before in my 55 years. Well, my mother didn’t take to it at all, but that was the beginning of a new love affair with painting for me. It’s been 10 years now and my passion for painting has only grown!

I am trained as a Registered Nurse and still work part-time at a local hospital clinic. These two passions have grown together to create an interest in how art helps promote healing, not only in actively creating art, but also in just visually enjoying art. No matter what your background, in some way it has prepared you for this moment to start developing and exploring your creativity.

I’m sometimes tempted to think I’m too old to start painting and selling art, but them I’m reminded that there is a season for everything in our life and mine is now to start the transition from nursing to full-time artist. After all, Grandma Moses didn’t start painting till she was 77 years old so she could keep busy and keep out of mischief. And maybe someone would buy her art shown next to her prize-winning pickles at the fair. I think I can relate to that (not the pickle part)!

We all have a lifetime of experiences (whether 20 years or 70 years) that is our story alone, and only we can tell that story in our own unique way and style. Grandma Moses was considered “primitive” and “untrained” by art critics, yet she reached the hearts of the people and touched many more lives than being in the midst of the proper “art world” would have.

Starting later in life often has many advantages of less family responsibilities and more time to devote to your creativity. There are so many classes in the community and online (many free) to learn, grow and develop relationships with like-minded souls.

I hope this has encouraged you to realize that age is not a reason or excuse to not live up to your dreams or potential. We all need to tell our story! There is someone out there that needs to hear and see it! And last of all - have FUN!


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