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Enjoy the experience of a calming, peaceful retreat right inside your own home or special place
Representation of Monet's garden.  Flower garden. Landscape

Would you like to escape right now to your own special place or refuge?  Indulge yourself in the peace and serenity that recharges your mind, body and spirit? Or maybe you just want a fun and beautiful piece to inspire you?

If so, I would like to introduce you to my contemporary visual artwork that evokes the peace and serenity that only nature and inspiring art can bring.

Nature and art itself is a prescription for ill health and low spirits.  A tonic for healing!  

Indulge yourself in the peace and serenity that nature and art can provide.

Mental Escape

Studies show that just looking at pleasant images can provide a type of mental escape for individuals during times of moderate stress

Sandra Sgoutas-Emch, Psychological Sciences Professor, University of San Diego

Take a woodland walk, stroll along the beach, gaze at a beautiful flower, marvel at nature - quiet, calm, peaceful. An escape from the craziness and busyness of our everyday lives. Or just find joy in the textures and colors of art.

A perfect day. Girl on tree swing.  Nature Landscape

Art and Nature Soothe a Weary Soul

Cow silhouette in field, clouds, sunset. Nature landscape
"The whole world is an artistic masterpiece."
Martin Schleske
Girls on beach, seashore, best friends. Ocean. Sea

Meet the Artist

Visual contemporary artist, color, nature, serenity

Hello!  My name is Jo Reneé.  I am a contemporary visual artist in Asheville, North Carolina.  My inspiration is mostly derived from nature and things that make me happy!  Nature is where I go to reflect and be renewed; an oasis of serenity. The outdoor world has so much to offer and teach, and I want to take a small slice of that beauty and peace for you to enjoy indoors in your own personal and special place.  

I love color!  My artistic mediums are mostly comprised of acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media.  Most of my work consists of landscapes, seascapes, animals, abstract, and some just fun, whimsical "make me smile" kind of art.  

Current Art Gallery Showings


Showing at the Red House Studios and Gallery. 


Theme is "Color and Light". 

310 West State St.

Black Mountain, NC 28711




"Winter's Morn"



What others are saying about my Artwork

It's like reliving wonderful memories

Recent Commissions

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